To nurture and promote entrepreneurship utilizing the local human resources and natural resources to ensure sustainable  and inclusive development of the State.


  • To carryout capacity building and skilling activities to empower entrepreneurs with skills and knowledge essential for starting and operating enterprise. 
  • To effectively utilize the locally available natural resources and human resources for economic development and employment generation.
  • To create necessary industrial infrastructure and provide adequate logistical support to facilitate industrial Growth in the state.
  • To provide financial incentives to enterprises at different stages of their life cycle. 
  • To create a harmonious Ease of Doing Business ecosystem in the state ensuring smooth start up and business operations.
  • To provide necessary assistance to the enterprises in the state for finding national and international markets


  • Ensuring starting of targeted number of new MSMEs every year. 
  • Create a transparent and robust online platform for delivery of services to the entrepreneurs by utilizing and other state of the art applications.
  • Identify entrepreneurs and motivate them via awareness programmes, Entrepreneurship Development Club etc. 
  • Facilitate project ideas/project profiles/project feasibility advice/business with financial institutions. 
  • Give appropriate technology sourcing/ know how/evaluation/tie ups with national and international partners.
  • Provide information on the availability of infrastructure / market/machinery details Suppliers / raw material source & dealers.
  • Conduct Seminars/ Entrepreneur Development Programmes/Technology clinics/investors meet etc for entrepreneurs. 
  • Act in liaison with financial institutions/other departments/agencies.
  • Provide hand-holding services to the unit to start operation and meet statutory requirements and assistance to get necessary licenses/ clearances / NOC from statutory bodies through Single Window Clearance Board.
  • Extend financial assistance to MSMEs under the different schemes of the state Government.
  • Continued support and assist in scaling-up of existing MSMEs.
  • Implement schemes to identify and revive sick/stressed/defunct MSMEs.
  • Organise /assist Entrepreneurship Development Clubs in Schools/Colleges.
  • Assist formation of Industrial Clusters and co-operative societies. Implement schemes related to industries undertaken by other departments or Government of India.
  • Ensure schemes providing preferential support to MSMEs, conducive to the state’s sustainable development goals. 
  • Acquire and develop land to establish Industrial Development Plots/Areas/Mini Industrial Estate for entrepreneurs in the state.
  • To conduct exhibitions and other marketing activities in the district and state level for enterprises in the state.
  • To participate and to assist the participation of local enterprises in national and international markets. 
  • To provide online platform for B2B and B2C interactions.To assist Government in ensuring that the Public Procurement Policy is implemented.
  • To ensure settlement of delayed payment disputes of MSMEs within the state protecting their interests.
  • Assist the state and central Government in framing policy matters in industrial sector and areas connected with it.
  • To act as an information source for entrepreneurship in the state .