As part of the implementation of Ease of Doing Business, online application portals have been set up for all the services of Directorate of Industries and Commerce. Entrepreneurs can apply for licenses/ permits, financial assistance and industrial land through the respective online portals. In addition, applications for grants to ED Clubs and KSSIA can be submitted online. To access all online application portals and status of application click ‘online services/ online application Dashboard’..

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       I. Licenses/ Clearances

Serial No Name of the Scheme Description More Details
1 Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance
The State Government has introduced an online single window clearance mechanism to facilitate fast and time-bound issue of licenses, permits and clearances thereby transforming the State into a vibrant investor friendly destination and to accelerate its industrial growth and employment generation across all categories. View Details

Online Portal
2 Lubricating Oil & Grease Licence   
(LOG Licence)
As per the Lubricating Oils and Greases (Processing, Supply and Distribution Regulation) Order, 1987 under the Essential Commodities Act 1955, the Director of Industries & Commerce is the competent Authority for issuing licence to processing, supply and distribution of Lubricating Oil & Grease for five years. Online Portal
3 Essentiality Certificate Director of Industries & Commerce is issuing Essentiality Certificates for Denatured Spirit, Rectified Spirit (Ethanol), Molasses, Methanol and Extra Neutral Alcohol to industrial units for industrial purposes. The General Managers shall receive the applications for Essentiality Certificate from the units for the above raw materials and forward to the Director of Industries & Commerce with necessary recommendation specifying their requirements. For items other than molasses and spirit, the certificate is issued by General Managers, District Industries Centres. Online Portal

           II. Subsidy Schemes
                 a)State Sponsored Subsidy Schemes

Serial No Name of the Scheme Description More Details
1 Entrepreneur
Support scheme
The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in manufacturing activities in the State, proportional to the capital investment made. Depending upon the category of the investor, sector and the District of investment, the unit can avail subsidy from 15% to 45% of the fixed capital investment. For this scheme, loan from a financial institution is not mandatory. View Details

Online Portal
2 Margin money Grant
to Nano units
Margin Money Grant to Nano Units is a loan linked scheme. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to Nano units in the State, engaged in manufacturing, job work and service activity having any type of value addition. View Details

Online Portal
3 Scheme for Interest
Subvention to Nano
The scheme intends to provide financial assistance in the form of interest subvention to nano and household enterprises on a reimbursement basis for the term loan availed by the unit. View Details

Online Portal
4 Assistance Scheme
for Handicraft
The Scheme intends to provide financial assistance in the form of grant to the artisans in the handicrafts sector for setting up handicraft enterprises. The assistance is a onetime support to eligible artisans of the state as back end assistance. For the purpose of this scheme, an artisan is a person who has been categorized as such by the office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Govt. of India or SURABHI. View Details

Online Portal

              b)Centrally Sponsored Subsidy Schemes

Serial No Name of the Scheme Description More Details
1 Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme [PMEGP] PMEGP is credit linked Scheme of Govt. of India. PMEGP is applicable to all new viable micro enterprises, including Village Industries projects except activities indicated in the negative list of Village Industries. Existing/old units are not eligible. The Scheme is implemented through KVIC and State/UT Khadi & V.I. Boards in Rural areas and through District Industries Centres in Urban and Rural areas in ratio of 30:30:40 between KVIC / KVIB / DIC respectively. View Details

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PM Formalisation of micro food processing Enterprises Scheme(PMFME Scheme)
PM FME scheme is a centrally sponsored scheme that is designed to address the challenges faced by the micro enterprises and to tap the potential of groups and cooperatives in supporting the upgradation and formalization of these enterprises. The expenditure under the scheme would to be shared in 60:40 ratios between Central and State Governments. The Scheme adopts One District One Product (ODOP) approach to reap the benefit of scale in terms of procurement of inputs, availing common services and marketing of products. Individual micro food processing units would be provided credit-linked capital subsidy @35% of the eligible project cost with a maximum ceiling of Rs.10.0 Lakh per unit. View Details

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           III. Other Financial Incentives Schemes for existing Units

Serial No Name of the Scheme Description More Details
1 Revival and Rehabilitation Scheme for Defunct MSMEs and Cashew processing Units The scheme envisages supporting defunct MSMEs in the manufacturing sector including cashew processing units through assistance in the form of capital grants and working capital incentives. View Details

Online Portal
2 Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival &
Rehabilitation scheme
The Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival & Rehabilitation scheme intends to provide financial and other handholding support to the MSMEs which show signs of stress and to convert their non-productive assets into productive assets. The maximum assistance admissible for each unit, all reliefs and assistances put together, under the scheme will be limited to Rs. 5 Lakh. View Details

Online Portal
3 Assistance to Skilled Entrepreneurs Development Centres With the objectives of providing better employment opportunities to the skilled workers working in the unorganized sector in Kerala, transforming the unskilled workers into experts in the relevant field through skill development training, providing the required work tools to the workers and providing a better work-friendly environment to the society, the Government of Kerala aims to form one or more Industrial Co-operative Societies within the territorial boundaries of each Local Self Government Institution in the State and accordingly those working in different occupations has come forward to achieve the target. The Government has formulated a financial assistance scheme under the Department of Industries to promote such Industrial Co-operative Societies providing service of skilled and unskilled workers identified in various sectors to the needy people. View Details

Online Portal
4 Scheme for interest subvention on term loan and working capital loan The scheme has been introduced to assist the MSME units which were badly affected due to the economic crisis in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme intends to give financial assistance in the form of interest subvention for 12 months for the new/ additional term loan and/or working capital loan availed by the units from 1st April 2019 to 31st December 2021. View Details

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             iV. Grants

Serial No Name of the Scheme Description More Details
1 Grant to Entrepreneurship Development Club (ED Club) Entrepreneurship Development Clubs have been formulated in schools and colleges to inculcate Entrepreneurial Culture amongst youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of entrepreneurship of the new generation. Financial Assistance of Rs.20,000/- will be sanctioned to the ED Clubs to conduct programmes to inculcate entrepreneurship qualities, to sensitise industrial scenario of the state, to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent, develop awareness among its members of the attitudes, values, and skills of successful entrepreneurs around the globe etc. Online Portal
2 Grant-in-aid to KSSIA  Grant-in-aid to Kerala State Small Industries Association  Online Portal

          V. Allotment of Industrial Land & Infrastructure

Serial No Name of the Scheme  Description  More Details
1 Allotment of Industrial Land in Development Area/ Plots (Land management System)    Over the years the Directorate of Industries and Commerce have acquired as much as 2400 acres of land and there are 40 Industrial Development Areas and Development Plots in various parts of the state to allot for industrial purposes.  View Details

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