2022 - 23 Year of Enterprises


The Government of Kerala has decided to celebrate this year as the Entrepreneurship Year ( Samrambhakathwa Varsham 2022). It is expected to establish 2 lakh MSMEs by 22nd May 2022 and 1 lakh employment during the year 2022. As part of this, a plan is being drawn up under the leadership of the Department of Industries in collaboration with other departments to start one lakh MSMEs. Preliminary steps have been taken to prepare a master plan for the project. The project will be operational by April 1, 2022.

Initial Research & Background works

Important information has been collected and published as part of this project. The following is a list of those booklets.


Sl No. Name of Book Description Booklets
1 Licenses Licenses required for various MSMEs View Booklet PDF
2 Potential Sectors Details of Potential industrial sectors in each panchayat View Booklet PDF
3 Subsidy schemes Details of Financial assistance schemes implemented by various departments and agencies View Booklet PDF
4 Institutions and Commercialised technology Details of various research institutions and their technology View Booklet PDF
5 Incubation Centres, Skill Training Agencies in each District District wise details of incubation centers and skill training institutes View Booklet PDF
6 Details of Land/Building availability(Local body, Society, PSU) Details of Industrial Land Available at various Local Bodies, Societies and PSUs View Booklet PDF
7 List of One Panchayat One Product (OPOP) List of ODOP products View Booklet PDF