Industrial Infrastructure

              The district is gifted with industrial land near the lake of temple of     Ananthapuram. There are five mini Industrial estates, out of which one is for SC and ST entrepreneurs. Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation (SIDCO) operates two mini Industrial Estates (MIE) and Kerala Infrastructure Development Corporation is operating one Industrial park at Seethangoli having 24.2811 hectares. For the faster industrial development of the district, the private sector investment is to be encouraged with suitable support mechanism for enhanced investments, both public and private, in the district.  The district can benefit immensely if an anchor project, capable of triggering the industrial development of the region can be promoted. 

Considering the proximity with Manglore Port, and also considering the potential of the district in sectors like Agro Processing, Engineering, Wood based, Minerals, Construction materials, Petrochemical products, etc. there is ample scope for setting up a large Multi-product Industrial Park in the district.  The possibility of augmenting the infrastructure facilities and expanding the existing Parks of KINFRA and the DIC could also be explored.  Concurrently, special attention is to be given for developing facilities for Entrepreneur Development and Skill Development.  

Name of DA/DP

Total extend of land(cent)

Total allotable land (cent)




DP Ananthapuram



DA Ananthapuram







National Highway   - 85.950 km
State Highways - 141.78 km
Major district roads - 1303.582 km